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Gaming for Financial Freedom (G4FF), has been a gaming community established with the aim of creating equality of opportunity and providing income to the gamers with the scholarship model in blockchain-based (NFT) games since November 2019.

G4FF aims to expand on the idea of the gaming culture as not only a means of entertainment but to make it a form of income whether it be part time or full time for the gamer.


Play-to-Earn games are skill-based blockchain games where players earn crypticurrency tokens when they win



Play-to-Earn games are skill-based blockchain games where players earn crypticurrency tokens when they win



Unique tokens (NFT), also called crypto collectibles, are a type of digital token that represents a unique asset on the blockchain. NFTs with many uses can be offered as purely digital assets or as tokenized versions of real-world assets. NFTs that are unique are not interchangeable. This feature means that each NFT is unique and cannot be an exact replacement for any other token. To enable NFTs to be traded, created and used within a game, developers create smart contracts to set rules for the NFTs used. Smart contracts are self-executing pieces of code on a blockchain. NFTs can be traded on open marketplaces such as Treasureland, BakerySwap and Juggerworld on BSC, and OpenSea on Ethereum. These markets allow buyers and sellers to connect, and each token has a different value. Naturally, NFTs can show price changes according to market supply and demand.

Play-to-Earn (NFT) games give users a chance to generate an income by playing games. A player is usually rewarded with tokens and sometimes NFTs, and the longer they play, the more they earn. Earned tokens are often needed for in-game creation processes.

Following the developments in blockchain technology, many NFT games have been released. Although some of these games peak in a short time after they are released, they quickly disappear in the next period. At this point, NFT games should be carefully researched according to certain criterias. G4FF provides its members new NFT games, as a result of researchs by it’s professional research team.

Gamers who wants to start to earn with NFT gaming, needs to buy relevant games NFTs. For example, in Axie Infinity (one of the most well-known NFT game) gamers needs to buy three Axies. However, due to the high NFT prices, players can rent an account for free with the scholarship system.

How much investment is required when starting NFT games varies from game to game. Currently, Axie Infinity is around $100 to get started, while starting to high-cost games like Carabada can go up to around $6000.

Scholarship method is a system developed for players who cannot buy NFT due to high NFT prices. With this system, players can enter NFT games without any investment but paying a certain percentage of their earnings to the account holders.

A gaming community is a community of gamers who regularly enjoy games together and collaborate for mutual benefit. G4FF is a gaming community that built on a system that brings together the players and managers (scholarship, account holder, etc.) within the community under one roof, eliminating the risk for both parties and maximizing the profit. With the developed system, the establishment of in-game operating systems from A to Z, employment of competent employees and a central payment system are created for investors in managerial positions. For the players, special theoretical training determined according to their level of competence and one-to-one practical training services are provided with the “Trainee Club” system, thereby maximizing the income of individuals.

The most problematic issue in the scholarship method is finding, training and paying competent scholars in NFT games. Thats why G4FF provides solutions for both gamers and managers. These are; Player Training, Mentor Training, Ease of Payment, Central Planning and Co-pay, Minimum Token Earnings, Ticket (early access, free token, free nft etc), Growth and Development Opportunities and Business Plan Development and Growth.

To be successful in NFT games and increase their earnings, gamers should be trained periodically in order to increase their success, to teach the rules determined by NFT games, and to be informed about in-game updates. G4FF guarantees high token production among scholars with multi-stage theoretical and practical training prepared by expert trainers. In addition, it protects the accounts of managers with account security trainings. At the same time, it is ensured that individuals' earnings are maximized by providing special theoretical training determined according to their level of competence and practical training services with the "Trainee Club" system for scholars.

Transforming revenues from blockchain-based applications into physical revenue is an area that requires extra expertise. Especially, managers with more than one account can perform wrong transactions due to individual errors while making their payments between virtual wallets. With the developed system, G4FF protects the incomes of managers and scholars with the payment system that reduces individual errors to zero.

In NFT games, such as Axie Infinity, which are suitable for the Scholarship method, the pricing and payment methods are usually determined by the managers. This situation causes differentiations in the system as each manager develops their own payment plan and method. As a result, disagreements are increasing between the manager and the scholar. In order to prevent all these problems, G4FF has developed a central planning system that aims both managers and scholars to earn more. With the central planning system, while protecting the rights of the rulers and scholars over each other, injustices are prevented. Since all scholars have the same rights with central planning, conflict between groups is prevented and a peaceful working environment is provided. The co-pay is a system developed by the professional team of G4FF, which enables scholars to increase their earnings and thus their motivation in direct proportion to their performance. In this way, the incomes of the scholars are increased without any loss from the earnings of the managers.

G4FF aims to eliminate the idea of adopting gaming culture only as a means of entertainment and to make it a globally accepted business field. To achieve this, it is not enough to simply bring together people playing the same Play-to-Earn NFT game. The difference of G4FF from other communities is that it creates an academy environment that its members can benefit from and follows a policy of "growth together" by increasing the earnings, growth and productivity of its members.